Is Your Home Halloween Ready?

Halloween is a fun time for many people. Kids enjoy trick-or-treating, parents enjoy watching their kids, and homeowners like passing out candy. Unfortunately, Halloween is not fun and games for all. Some homeowners have to deal with property damage.

Is your home halloween ready?

There are some Halloween insurance concerns to keep in mind as you review your homeowners insurance policy. You want to make sure your policy is set up to respond to potential claims such as:

  1. Vandalism: Vandalism is typically a covered claim on your home insurance policy. Classic Halloween vandalism issues could be toilet-papered trees and home egging. While these are irritating situations they typically do not warrant enough damage to file a claim on your homeowner insurance policy. It is more common to see damage to vehicles than homes, if this is the case your auto insurance policy would respond to the damage though your comprehensive coverage, your deductible would apply.

  2. Slips and Falls: Little kids get VERY excited about dressing up and getting A LOT of candy, add the sugar rush to the scenario and its likely that they could trip/slip and fall. The liability section of your home insurance policy would typically cover these types of accidents. Make sure to keep your walkways clear of any hazards.

  3. Dog Bites: Even the best dogs can get frightened or overly excited at the rush of new people coming to their home. Dog bites are typically covered under the liability section of your home insurance policy. Be aware if your policy has a specific exclusion for dog breeds or dog bites. This is a commonly overlooked exclusion on your home policy.

As always its best to make sure your home insurance policy properly protects you and your family. Its important to know what your policy coverage and exclusions are. The best way to do this is by having an annual review with your insurance agent.

We like to have annual insurance check ups with our customers. Call or email our office to schedule yours today!


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