Life Insurance- Your Children Depend on you.

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

If something were to happen to you or your spouse what would happen to your children.

This is where life insurance can step up and protect your family from a financially devastating time. Life insurance can replace some of your income, pay of debts, cover funeral cost, medical cost and could even fund your children's education.

We all think we have a tomorrow, but that may not be the case. It’s impossible to know what the future will bring. The best time to buy life insurance is the day before you die, without knowing that, the best time is NOW!

Most people overestimate the cost of life insurance. According to information in the recent survey by Life Happens & LIMRA, consumers think it’s twice as expensive as it really is. It is typically less than a meal at your favorite restaurant.

Most Americans have life insurance through work and while that is great there are a few things to consider. Its typically not enough, it is a benefit - not a guarantee, and it does not protect your insurability,

Often times many families only insure the primary breadwinner. It is important to make sure that BOTH parents are insured. Just step back and thing about how much a stay-at- home parent does on a daily basis! You will need to make sure the funds are their for child care, cleaning assistance, transportation assistance and SO MUCH MORE!

Take a look below at our needs analysis. This is the first step to deciding how much life insurance your family needs. Our office is here to help you assess your needs, suggest the right amount of coverage and the right policy for you ... all within your budget! Our meetings are free and you are under no obligation to purchase.

If you know life insurance is something your family needs please click here to get a quote. Someone from our team will reach out to you.

Give our office a call to see how truly affordable life insurance can be. 770-252-5378

The Crisp Agency Needs Analysis, Life Insurance Needs Analysis

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