Survey Says Stay-At-Home Parents are worth $162,581.

A new survey says the efforts of stay-at-home parents are worth a $162,581 annual salary.

It's not just breadwinners who need life insurance, Stay-at-home parents do too! released a report detailing just how much the work of full-time parents would equate to in terms of real-world salaries. The report was done by selecting a handful of jobs that reflect a "day in the in the life of a Mom” and calculating the sum with the site’s Salary Wizard tool

According to Life Happens there are 9 key reasons why stay-at-home parents need life insurance.

  1. To replace the value of their labor

  2. To factor in the contributions of any future income

  3. To pay off any debt

  4. To cover funeral expenses

  5. To leave a legacy

  6. To boost savings

  7. To guarantee insurability

  8. To receive tax-free benefits

  9. To give loved ones peace of mind

Life insurance is important for anyone who has someone depend on their income. If this is something you are interested in or need to take care of please give our office a call or click here to schedule an appointment.


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