Tips to Avoid a Deer-Car Collision

While we are not in peak deer season, deer- car collisions still happen. As our community continues to develop the deer will be in search of a new habitat. When deer are on the move is when drivers are at risk for a deer- car collision. According to the Insurance Information Institute "there has been an increase in deer-car collisions- over half a million a year"

Deer-car collisions are dangerous and can be covered on our insurance policy if you carry comprehensive coverage. Check out these tips for avoid hitting a deer:

  1. Be extra attentive between midnight and early morning hours (hours shortly after sunrise)

  2. Use extreme caution when driving through deer-crossing zones or areas with a large deer population

  3. Know that Deer rarely run alone, if you see one, more may be near by.

  4. Use your high bean headlights

  5. Slow down and blow your horn

  6. Brake firmly but stay in your lane

  7. Always wear your seat belt

  8. In the event of a deer collision do not touch the animal

  9. If the deer collision damages your car, call our office to report the incident.

If you are involved in an accident you can file a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our office at 770-252-5378. If outside of normal business hours please call our claims hotline at 1-800-964-2532, Option 2, You can also file by going to It is imperative we receive your claim information within a timely manner after the accident or loss.

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