What is Full Coverage?

People often times call our office requesting "full coverage" on their auto insurance. We always say, there is no such thing as full coverage but what most people are referring to is comprehensive and collision coverage.

There is no insurance policy that will cover you and your car in EVERY circumstance but comprehensive and collision coverage often provides coverage for most situations. In order to understand auto insurance coverage we have put together a list of coverage options with an explanation of those coverages. For a more in depth explanation of these overages please click here

Comprehensive - Protection for your vehicle in situations like storms or theft.

Collision - Protection for your vehicle when involved in an accident.

Uninsured Motorist coverage - Protection against people not insured or not insured enough. (both bodily injury and property damage)

Medical Payments - Protection that helps pay for medical expenses resulting from a covered loss.

Rental Reimbursement (Loss of Use) - This coverage will pay up to policy limits for a rental vehicle if your covered car will not run due to a covered loss

Towing and Labor- This coverage option on your auto policy, you’ll be covered for mechanical assistance and delivery of gas or oil; battery jumps, and tire changes. The program also features increased coverage limits per disablement, locksmith services; a sign-and-drive feature, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses up to $100 for services rendered. Policy limits are $100 per disablement. The cost of a tire, new battery, gasoline, oil and other such items are not covered.

There are many optional coverage available within an auto insurance policy. It is up to you to choose your car insurance coverages that fit your needs. While there technically no such thing as "full coverage" auto insurance, you can choose from many optional insurance coverage to help protect you, your passengers, your vehicle and your finances.

to be certain you have the coverage you think you have we encourage you to schedule an annual policy review. During your policy review we go over your current coverage and discounts, any optional coverage you may want to add to your program and any discounts you might be eligible for! Schedule yours today here!

All coverages are subject to policy limits. This is not an insurance policy. It is intended only to provide a general description of Alfa Insurance® and/or its product lines and services. An actual policy contains the specific details of the coverages, conditions and exclusions.


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