What is your ISO Rating & Why does it matter?

ISO Rating is determined by evaluating multiple aspects of the city and counties fire department and the distance between fire hydrants.

It is a rating between 1 and 10 with "1" being the best. What it boils down to is how well your responding fire department can protect your home. It is often difficult to find out what your ISO rating. Below is a map of Georgia that shows what the majority of the counties ISO Rating. Since individual fire stations have different ratings and the distance to the fire hydrant varies.

The ISO rating helps insurance companies determine the rate for home insurance. When looking at houses to purchase see if you can locate the closet hydrant from the property. The lower the ISO rating the lower the premium. For the best rate possible you will want the fire hydrant within 1000 ft of the property! If the hydrant is more than 1000 feet from the property be prepared for a higher home insurance rate.

In Statesboro, Georgia the fire department is working on getting the ISO rating lowered. Dal Cannady with WTOC says "Statesboro Fire Department covers a five-mile radius outside the city just like it does inside, but a lack of water hydrants has kept home insurance rates higher in some of those areas, costing some people hundreds of dollars a year. Statesboro’s fire chief says they’ve worked for months with neighborhoods just outside the city limits, the private water companies that serve them, and the county fire departments to get the ISO rating improved, and hopefully, save homeowners lots of money."

We hope you found this helpful! If you have questions about insurance please be sure to reach out!


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