When Do I Need Life Insurance?

You already know you need life insurance, but you may not know it’s best to purchase a policy early in life. Life insurance rates are determined by age and health, so the longer you wait to apply, the higher your premium. The solution? Buy life insurance today. Don’t put it off until a major life event scares you to action — it may be too late.

Life insurance costs are more affordable than people think. How much does life insurance cost? It depends, but forgoing purchasing life insurance at a younger age can mean paying more money in the long run. The chart below displays the average costs of our standard 20-year term policy with a $250,000 face value for healthy, non-tobacco users.  

You might be asking, "What life insurance is right for me?" There are two main types of life insurance - term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Additionally, we offer a variety of other life products to fit your specific needs, including guaranteed acceptance life insurance and universal life insurance. We can help you determine what product works best for you. Call our office today 770-252-5378. You can learn more online at Alfa Insurance.

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