When People have Jobs, they drive more and ultimately causes car insurance rates to rise.

Car insurance rates are on the rise and many consumers are already impacted by this. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there is a direct correlation between more employment and claim frequency. As Americans drive more miles, car insurance claims are rising and so is the average insurance payout. Many companies in the insurance industry are increasing rates to catch up with the rising cost of claims due to medical cost and the increase in distracted drivers.

“Even if you haven’t had any changes in your record, there’s a pretty good chance your premium is going to be higher at the next renewal” says James Lynch, chief actuary at the Insurance Information Institute

In order to carefully manage your insurance program we recommend

regularly reviewing your insurance program with one of our team member to ensure your coverage are adequate and that you are receiving every discount available to you. Below are some discounts that Alfa offers for our car insurance customers:

  • Airbags- You could receive up to a 25 percent discount if your vehicle is equipped with air bags. This discount is applied to the medical payment coverage portion of your auto insurance premium.

  • Anti-theft - Vehicles with an anti-theft system could receive up to a 10 percent discount on the comprehensive portion of your insurance premium. Ask your agent today about what types of devices qualify for this discount. 

  • Defensive Driver - You may be qualified to save even more on your premium if you’ve taken a defensive driving course. We recommend the AARP Smart Driver Course

  • Youth Safety Discount - We give qualifying, unmarried drivers ages 16 to 20 years old a discount for passing the Youth Safety Test. This discount cannot be given in addition to the Driver Training Discount or Defensive Driver Discount. You can take the discount test here!

  • Driver Training Discount - All drivers ages 16 to 20 years old receive a discount when they successfully complete an acceptable driver education course.

  • Multi- Car Discount - Customers who own and insure two or more private passenger vehicles on one policy with Alfa will receive a discount.

  • Combo Discount- Customers who insure their qualifying  primary residence with Alfa receive a discount on their auto policy.

  • Life Insurance Discount - Customers with a qualifying Alfa life insurance policy receive a discount.

  • Home Ownership discount- Customers who provide evidence they own their home receive a discount

  • Payment Plan Discount- Customers who pay their premium in full or quarterly will receive a discount.

Who doesn't love a discount? Call our office today or click here to be contacted about your insurance


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