Business Insurance

As a business owner, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You’ve spent countless hours and dollars to make your business a success. One thing is certain: you don’t want to lose everything you’ve worked so hard to get. Let our business insurance policies protect your investment.

The Crisp Agency business insurance offers coverages for property, liability and automobile. In addition, your policy can be tailored to your specific needs, or you can select a comprehensive package which automatically includes the coverage most commonly requested by business owners. 

Some of the businesses we cover include:


  • Retail stores

  • Professional offices

  • Service businesses (such as a maid service or beauty shop)

  • Garages (such as auto maintenance facilities or service stations)

Business Coverages

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business!

Investing in business insurance with Alfa® offers coverage for property, liability and automobiles. Your policy can be tailored to your specific business needs, or you can select a comprehensive package which automatically includes the coverage most commonly requested by business owners.

Property Coverage 

Alfa’s property protection can cover your building and its contents, and it can cover your loss of income if you’re forced to close your business temporarily. You can select optional coverage to protect your property in transit and cover someone else’s property while it is on your premises. We also offer you the option to select coverage that is often overlooked by business owners including protection for plate glass, exterior signs or mobile communication equipment.

Liability Coverage

Alfa’s liability policies cover “bodily injury,” protecting you from lawsuits by people who may be injured on your premises or at your job site. We also cover your defense costs for such suits. Medical coverage is included on all liability policies and will pay medical bills (up to $5,000) for visitors injured on your property. Medical coverage applies without regard to legal liability, meaning you don’t have to be sued or be negligent in any way for this coverage to apply. Alfa’s liability policies also cover property damage in case you damage someone else’s property. Coverage is also provided for personal injury and advertising injury protecting you from lawsuits ranging from libel and slander to false arrest.

Automobile Coverage

Alfa covers many types of vehicles used in your business, as well as protecting you from liability when using your own vehicle. Coverage can also include an option protecting you from liability with non-owned, borrowed or hired vehicles. Physical damage to your own vehicle can be covered with a variety of options and deductibles. Specialized policies also are available for businesses that regularly operate customers’ vehicles, such as a service station or body shop. Contact your agent today to customize a plan that suits your needs. 

Commercial Umbrella

Alfa offers a commercial umbrella policy to extend your liability limits beyond basic liability contracts for businesses which require large amounts of liability protection
In addition, we offer other types of protection for your business. Contact your local Alfa agent to find out how we can help you protect your business.* 

*This is not an insurance policy. It provides only a general description of Alfa Insurance® and/or its product lines and services. An actual policy contains the specific details of the coverages, conditions and exclusions. All coverages are subject to the limits of the policy.

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